Which Vaccinations do you need before your Travels?

Depending on where you travel in the world, it is vital to go to your GP (doctor) to discuss what vaccinations you’ll need before you travel. An appointment should be made no later than six weeks till departure – this is so there is enough time to receive injections (as some require more than one dose).

As we reside in the UK we are fortunate to receive the following vaccinations free of charge from the NHS:

•Hepatitis A

•Typhoid booster

•Repevax (tetanus/polio/diphteria/whooping cough vaccine)

As we were travelling further afield in Asia for an extended period we were advised by the NHS that we will need to go to private travel clinic to receive further vaccinations.

We found the Superdrug Travel clinic to have competitive pricing for the following vaccinations:

Rabies – caused by a bite from an infected animal, Rabies is a viral infection which affects the brain and nervous system.

Japanese Encephalitis – more common in rural areas through South East Asia. Spread through mosquito bites can cause a viral brain infection. Currently there is no cure.

Hepatitis B – spread through bodily fluids (and people sharing needles used for drugs) this virus affects the liver.

Yellow Fever– usually spread through a certain breed of mosquito. Can cause a serious viral infection.

The cost for one person for the above injections was £481. It is a costly but necessary expense – it is small price to pay considering how life threatening some of these viruses are.

__Please note the information in this post is served as a guide only – always consult a GP or Travel Nurse for more information.You can find out more information about travel vaccinations on both the NHS and Fit For Travelwebsite.