Choosing a Travel Credit Card

Just the idea of being a credit card holder sends me in a bout of confusion!

Let’s face it…there are plenty of banks offering an abundance of shiny pieces of plastic all offering ‘competitive’ deals and super low interest rates.

We initially decided to not apply for a credit card, instead applying for the Caxton FX card – a prepaid card to be used overseas. However when we received the cards we faced an impossible task of trying to load them with money! After countless calls to the company we were feebly informed that our banks were not ‘compatible’ to top up our new cards, giving us no real solution to fix the problem. After getting nowhere with the customer service desk (shocker!) we abandoned the cards and started the search for a decent credit card.

It’s important when applying for a credit card to do so early – allow a couple of months as the process may not always be a smooth one. Although many companies offer the ability to apply online for a credit card, it is difficult to determine if your application will be accepted. In most cases it is best to go in branch and speak to a staff member for further information (and also a great idea to ask as many questions possible).

For online advice I find Money Saving Expert to have a clear concise lowdown about travel credit cards (you can check out their link here). After reading the article we decided to apply for the Halifax Clarity credit card. This particular card stood out for having no fee for cash withdrawals and a very low representative APR of 12.9%. We also have the ability to check our accounts online which is an added bonus. Even though this card is designed to be used abroad we still notified our banks about our travel plans in the event that the cards get blocked.

I have high hopes for this credit card and hope we don’t run into any issues, fingers crossed!

The Halifax Clarity credit card is only available to UK residents over the age of 18 – you can find further information about this card on the Halifax link.